When the Markets are Closed, Trade Word Futures

Trendio.com is a free online trading game I came across last week.

When you register at Trendio, you receive $10,000 in play money and use it to bet on words that appear in the news. If a word appears more frequently, you will make money. They provide the words to choose from – you can’t make up your own. The words are priced hourly according to the number of times they appear in 3000 English-speaking web sites. Nifty little charts are provided so you can check the hourly and daily trends before placing a bet. One good strategy is to look at the breaking news headlines, then place bets on key words that you think will go up. You can double your money overnight if you get in on a good story early. I made a bundle on “Lebanon” yesterday, and now I am long “pope” in anticipation of the pontiff’s visit to Turkey next week. The game is fun, and who knows? It might help to sharpen your trading skills.

If you decide to register, please use this link and my account will be credited with $1000 of play money for the referral.


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