I have put up a new Watchlist page on the blog as a convenient way to keep track of stocks and ETFs I am interested in, some of which I already own. I am not recommending that anyone buy these securities, but the list could be used as a starting point for doing for your own research. Many of these stocks have been mentioned in the blog, and in my opinion, each one has something good going for it right now. Most are less volatile than the S&P but offer a significantly better yield. Some look cheap by conventional valuation standards, chart analysis, or both. The ETFs are attractive vehicles for portfolio diversification. Some of the companies own assets whose value may not be fully reflected in the share price. Most of these securities have some missing ingredient that needs to be in place before I will buy: usually achieving a certain price level, or demonstrating a trend change; but I do consider a few suitable for accumulation via dollar-cost averaging, especially the ETFs. The list is in alphabetic order by ticker symbol and I will try to update it on a daily basis.


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