GlaxoSmithKline PLC ADR (GSK)

Glaxo is a pharmaceutical stock which has outperformed the S&P with less volatility, and which may also benefit if the U.S. Dollar continues to weaken against European currencies. And as a kicker, Glaxo may be less affected by political developments and regulatory issues in America than some of its competitors. Less than half of GSK’s sales of pharmaceuticals occur in the U.S.A.

GSK has a diversified array of proprietary pharmaceuticals including several blockbusters such as Betnovate, Relafen, and Zantac, and they also have a substantial stable of popular over-the-counter consumer products. They are big on vaccines and oncology products, and it seems likely they are less threatened by competition from generic pharmaceuticals than certain other pharmaceutical concerns.

The shares currently yield 3.4% and the company has quite a good history of increasing the dividend regularly.

In the aftermath of the U.S. elections, the ADRs sank into the middle of their 52-week trading range, then gapped higher when the dollar began to fall sharply against the British Pound and the Euro. The shares have pulled back this week, but I think that once the gap is filled, the next big move is likely to be up.


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