Buying York Water Co. (YORW)

York Water was analyzed in this blog on December 22. This morning I bought the stock at 17.90 on a limit order. After writing the previous article, I learned that company insiders have been buying an astonishing amount of stock all year, including large purchases in December at 17.90. I assume that no one knows what this stock is worth quite as well as the directors of the company. The buying by company insiders has alleviated my concerns and I am following their lead. Insiders may sell stock for many reasons, but they only buy it when they think the share price is going to rise in the future.


2 Responses to “Buying York Water Co. (YORW)”

  1. Patrick Wallace Says:

    I wonder why you are astonished by the amount of insider purchasing when the 13 individuals involved have only bought a total of 16,246 shares in the past twelve months. They’ve invested less than $375,000 among the lot of them. True, the buying has been regular and steady, with no selling, but I personally would not call that an astonishing commitment of financial resources.

  2. Alligator Investor Says:

    16,246 shares would not be impressive for a company like General Electric with 10B shares outstanding, but I think it is for a tiny company like York Water with 10M shares outstanding.

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