Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc. (CFR)

Cullen/Frost looks like a good long-term investment which is fairly priced at this time, with an expected average annual return in the 13% range. I am going to pass because of CFR’s high correlation to the energy sector, where my portfolio is overweight, but for anyone without that problem CFR might reward further research. This Texas bank has enjoyed excellent profit and dividend growth but it is relatively inexpensive compared to some its peers. CFR has strongly outperformed the S&P, but it has a higher dividend yield and less volatility. In addition to offering the customary banking services through 100 offices all over Texas, the company does international banking business with customers residing in Mexico or doing business with customers in Mexico, sells a variety of insurance products, and acts as a correspondent for other banks in the area.


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  1. bruno Says:

    I Sell 22000 hectares in patagonia Argentine with varied minerals and fossils

    La Juanita is a 22,000 acre ranch located in the province of Santa Cruz,
    in Patagonia, Argentina, about 2055 km from the city of Buenos Aires. More
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    famous for its ancient fossils and minerals. Geological studies highlight
    some of the minerals found, although these were never fully explored. This
    gives rise to the possibility of discovering minerals of greater value,
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    sources of energy of the future. Finally, we mention that there is a
    possibility that the ground contains material suitable for industrial
    construction, such as rocks, granite, and others, though our limited
    geological knowledge does not allow us to confirm its usefulness. The
    potential of tourism, mining and energy in this area, until now, has not
    been taken advantage of. In the past few years field searches have been by
    several mining companies searching for gold, including Patagonia Gold,
    Yamana Resources and Mariana Resources. Those searches were done in the
    area adjacent to La Juanita, having taken samples from La Juanita in
    January 2010. The results are difficult to obtain because they were done
    by private companies. Next, they will explore the zone south of La

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