Comments are an important issue that every blogger has to deal with. Since the beginning I have taken care to respond to every comment. You would like to be able to have intelligent discussions with your readers, but it takes a lot of time to keep up. There is a lot of spam, and the vast majority of valid comments are silly. They can even be insulting. I tried to filter the results by requiring that commenters must be registered users of who are logged in, but that did not help. Here are excerpts from a comment left by “poppy8sd” to my recent post on Whole Foods Market:

It is the stuff of a confused unschooled mind . . . You could benefit from self-education . . . you don’t know what you’re talking about . . . what you’re saying is irrelevant.”

This kind of comment can be irritating if you feel you need to respond to it! That one caused me to consider blocking all comments, but in the end I have decided to do the opposite. I am opening up the comments again so anyone can participate. However, I’m changing my policy about responding: Comments can now be posted freely by anyone, but I will not answer unless I find the topic interesting.


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  1. Gordon_ew Says:

    Check this out!

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