An alligator investor relaxes at the bottom of his pond waiting for good things to swim by or fall in. He disdains crocodile investors, who charge out of the water to seize their prey.

I am looking for stocks which are outperforming the S&P, yet have lower volatility and higher dividend yield than the index. I wait for those stocks to be on sale before I buy them. Once I own a stock I tend to hold it for the long haul. I seldom buy anything I am not planning to hold for at least ten years.

I am also interested in early detection of trend changes in the financial markets, classical value investing, and the use of ETFs to achieve portfolio balancing and diversification.

The purpose of this journal is to clarify my investment strategy by putting it in writing, and to record important information for future reference. I do not give investment advice. If I have an open position in a security being discussed I will disclose it.

Feel free to leave comments. I will read them all. I enjoy intelligent discussion of issues raised by my posts, but may not reply due to time constraints; and I reserve the right to delete offensive comments.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. David Neubert Says:

    Added you to my blogroll.

  2. Market Monkey Says:

    Dear Mr[s]. Alligator,

    Your reptilian ways appeal to me.
    I will keep reading with interest.

    Keep n’ relaxing,


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